If you are looking for a cleaning service, ALLPRO Services are the best. We offer the most professional staff available to clean your business areas. You will get the benefits of knowing your place of business is sanitary and spotless. Using our service means the job gets done right the first time, and you won’t have to worry about going back later to do any touch up work.

Not all janitorial services are alike, so it is important to make sure the one you select does everything you need them to do.

Janitorial services generally include the followings:-

  • emptying all rubbish bins
  • shampooing carpets
  • cleaning hard wood floors
  • dusting and polishing furniture
  • vacuuming,
  • spot cleaning of carpeting
  • dusting of horizontal blinds and other window coverings
  • cleaning all glass windows and doors
  • thorough cleaning all pantry areas
  • dusting of air vents and ceiling fans
  • to clean and sanitize the washrooms.

Our crew is fully trained to the highest of standards and has thorough experience in cleaning professional buildings. Each member of the crew is checked on a regular basis for quality assurance so that you can be confident the job is done properly and thoroughly each and every time.